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At DIS Dance Riverstone it is our mission to provide a space where dancers feel included and safe, a place where dancing is fun. At DIS Dance, we take an active role in shaping young people to achieve their best, in dance, and in life.

We not only teach fun educational dance classes but we include a positive psychology program called “Fitmindz for Kids” in all our classes too! This program is unique to DIS DANCE and was developed by Psychologist Nichole Sullivan and our Managing Director Kelly Adams.

We cover topics such as:

Positivity and Kindness, Goal Setting, Learning from Mistakes, Breathing and Relaxation, Doing your best and Gratitude!

We have seen a huge shift in the positive culture of our studio since we introduced this program at the end of 2017 and we look forward to further developing and expanding it for years to come!

Want to know more? Mrs Adams loves to talk about Fitmindz! Why not book an appointment with her to find out more below!

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