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Our Pre-schooler Program

Welcome to the wonderful world of Ready Set Dance, Ready Set Ballet and Pre-school Acrodance! Here at the official location of “Ready Set Dance and Ready Set Ballet” Riverstone we focus on the three C’s. Confidence, Coordination and Creativity! All songs are written by Australia’s leading songwriters and choreographed by the best in the business! Come and see why so many kids love to dance at Ready Set Dance Riverstone!


Bring a friend who signs up for classes in the same week and both of you get FREE registration! That’s a saving of $35 EACH! Just let us know in your enquiry or email!

Why start with DIS?

Caring teachers, cheerful administration staff at every class, CCTV, disabled toilet with baby change, reception, easy drop off at the door, photo wall of all our students, homework desk, weekly Monday communication reminders and closed Facebook group and “BAND” for students and parents to see what we do in classes each week!

Ready Set Dance: Jazz, tap, hip hop, music and singing for 2-5 year olds! 2 routines performed at our Half Yearly and Yearly shows (1 Jazz and 1 Tap).

Ready Set Ballet: Twirl, jump, run and spin in the magical world of ballet for 2-5 year olds! 1 ballet routine performed at our Half Yearly and Yearly Shows.

Ready Set Dance Uniform Requirements:

Ready Set Tutu: $49

Black Jazz shoes: These can be bought from any dance shop but we also sell them at the studio for $49. These are used for weekly classes and our concerts.

Black Tap shoes (Wednesday and Saturday classes only): These can be bought from any dance shop (some sizing available at the studio for $45).

Ready Set Ballet Uniform Requirements:

Ready Set tutu: $49

Pink Ballet Shoes: Can be purchased at any local dance store but also available at the studio for $35.

Pre-school Acrodance:

DIS Dance T-shirt/singlet or leotard with black bottoms and no shoes.

Other purchases include:

Ready Set Hair Bows: $10 each

Stockings: $10 each (stockings required for our concerts and performances)

2022 Pricing:

Ready Set Ballet $16.00 per 30 min lesson ($160 per term)

Ready Set Dance with Tap $20.00 per 60 minute lesson ($200 per term)

Pre-School Acrodance $19.00 per 45 minute lesson ($190 per term)

Ready Set Combo! Both classes $28.50 per week or $285 per term (add a discounted rate of $15 per week for acro as well)

Annual Registration: $35 per child which includes administration, insurance and copyright fees.

Half Yearly Show: Saturday 28th May 2022.

End of Year Concert: Saturday 12th November 2022.

End of Year Costume package 2022: One costume per student $80 charged with Term 3 fees. This costume the students keep.


Wednesdays: Ready Set Ballet 4:15-4:45pm, Ready Set Dance 4:45-5:45pm

Thursdays: Preschool Acrodance 5-5:45pm

Saturdays: Ready Set Ballet 8:30-9am, Ready Set Dance 9am-10am

Many students do the 2 classes together and once settled into a routine some parents will use the hour and a half to run errands. Please note our waiting room is closed to due to covid restrictions but we reserve the space for trial parents to watch the first class through CCTV.