Top 5 Questions Every New Dance Parent Should Ask

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1.  When do you have your dance concerts for my child’s class?


It is really important you check all these dates when you sign up to any studio to make sure you can be available for the most exciting events of the year! At DIS DANCE, When you receive our information pack we have planned out our main events a year in our DIS DANCE Calendar so you can plan easily ahead!

2.   What are your total fees and charges for the year?


Just like any extra curricular activity, there are costs involved other than just the class fees such as things like uniforms and costumes. Check with your dance studio if they have a compulsory uniform, how much it is, how much are costumes, if they have a payment plan and if there are any other compulsory fees for the year.

3. What requirements do I need for my classes?


Each individual class might need different uniforms and dance shoes. There might also be special requirements for examination or performance classes. Our class requirements vary but mainly all is required is a DIS DANCE singlet or leotard and the specific dance shoes for each style such as black Jazz shoes or pink ballet shoes.

4. Can I stay to watch the dance classes?


Every studio will have their own policy on this and will very much depend on their facilities. At DIS DANCE we are lucky enough to have 2 studios where parents are able to either watch through the door for new parents or a CCTV system you can watch in the waiting room every week!

5. Is my first class free?


Again, every studio will be different but it is important you ask! At DIS DANCE we do things a bit differently so you get maximum value. Instead of only 1 class being free, you get to trial as many classes as you like for 7 days for your age group for only $10 and then decide which ones you would like to continue the following week!

I hope that helps any first-time dance parents out there!

Kelly Adams

Managing Director DIS DANCE

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