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My mum forced me to do Ballet as a kid. Forced me? Well not really, but she did have a way of getting me to go back year after year despite it not being my favourite activity when I first started out. In my first few years of dancing when I told my mum I was quitting, mum would tell me “just one more year” or “just one more exam” and I would stick it out for another year. Mum could see the benefits of dancing at the time and boy am I glad she got me to see it through to my final exam!  I now reflect on my years of dance as such a gift. I now see how much it did for me as a child (and now as an adult) and I am eternally grateful for having the opportunity to be a dancer. Thanks Mum!

What dance has done for me:

1. I am organised.

I had to plan my activities around my Ballet classes, exams and concerts and ensure that my school work was planned with dance classes in mind.

2. I am committed.

I worked towards an exam and concert every year which showed me the value of teamwork, goal setting and improving myself.

3. Dance always makes me feel better.

In my adult life no matter how I am feeling, I know that dancing or being at my dance studio makes me happy. It is my safe place and I know my students feel the same way.

4. Dance showed me the importance of movement.

I know I feel better when I move my body and keep active.

5. Dance is good for my brain!

Having to learn all types of dance steps and sometimes even different dances to the same music has given me a great memory!

6. Dance has given me confidence.

Having a life on stage gave me the confidence to try new things, especially at school! Public speaking competitions, auditions for musicals or just anything that involved performing in front of others was never really an issue.

7. I have made some great friends through dance.

We create special bonds with people who have the same interests. I am still friends with people I danced with as a child. Being surrounded by people who are also inspired by dance is a wonderful bonding experience for all involved.

8. Dance has kept me busy.

I am grateful that having a weekly commitment to dance gave me something to do with my spare time.

9. Dance is great for sport!

As a child, I also did Little Athletics, Netball, Basketball, cricket, football and basically loved PE throughout my schooling. I even was a state high jumper in high school which I think I owe to the millions of sautes we had to do in Ballet!

10. Dance has given me a sense of self.

I don’t even want to know what my life would be like without dance. It is me. I live and breathe it and am forever grateful I have found my purpose in life. It has nourished my soul in every way.

Finally, I am especially loving being able to watch how wonderful dance has been for my own children in the few short years they have been dancing. I cannot wait to see how dance will continue to nourish their soul too.

Kelly Adams

Managing Director DIS DANCE

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